"We"  are Roelie & Roelof Morsink, a Dutch couple living in the north-east of the Netherlands
with a passion for Celtic countries, Ireland in particular.
Roelie Morsink For years Roelie looked after people in need of help so that these people could stay in their own homes and neighbourhoods.
She resigned in September 2012 and has since then more time for herself, which she hopes to fill with travelling and gardening.
Roelof Morsink Roel is active in the IT-world.  
He fulfilled several different IT-functions during the last 38 years.
Since 2009 he runs his own small business, aimed at developing and maintaining responsive websites, particularly for mobile applications.
Our great passion is Ireland.
We love to go there as often as we can.
Both the northern and southern part of the Island are very beautiful, especially its coastlines.

By means of this website we would like to show you why we love it so much.
Nederlandstalig/In Dutch