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06   -   12   July   2014

Baltimore   and   the   Beacon     -     Kinsale   and   the   Charles   Fort  

This week photos of:

- Baltimore in West Cork, its characteristic Beacon, also called the Salt Pillar or Lot´s Wife. (Tue)

- Lough Ine, also known as Lough Hyne, a marine lake, about 5 km southwest of Skibbereen.
It was designated as Ireland´s first Marine Nature Reserve in 1981. (Tue)
The lake´s small size, only 0.8 km by 0.6 km, creates an unusual habitat of highly oxygenated yet warm seawater that sustains
an enormous variety of plants and animals, many of which are not found anywhere else in Ireland.

- Kinsale, in the south of County Cork, plus Charles Fort. (Thu)
Kinsale is a very popular tourist attraction and well-known for its range of excellent restaurants.
Charles Fort is a star fort located on the water´s edge, at the southern end of the village of Summer Cove, on Kinsale harbour, County Cork.
James´ Fort is located on the other side of the harbour.
Charles Fort is built on the site of an earlier stronghold known as Ringcurran Castle, which featured prominently during the Siege of Kinsale in 1601.